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Now for the boring bit about sex toys and the formation of Love Erotic Ltd.

It was in February 2008 when business owner Tony came up of the initial idea of Love Erotic. He wanted to get his wife something different for Valentine’s Day rather than the usual flowers and chocolates he came up with the idea of a rabbit vibrator.

The local sex toys shop was based in Margate along the busy seafront and one Saturday Tony decided to go and take a look.

It was a sunny day and the seafront was busy with people enjoying taking a stroll, he found it quite daunting knowing that family, friends or a work colleague may see him go inside the sex shop, with a quick glance over his shoulder the decided to bite the bullet and promptly entered the store.

To his relief there were no other customers in the store at the time and the first thing he noticed as he entered was the big busted woman behind the counter in her black leather Basque she looked like the kind of girl who enjoyed her bondage. Tony wanted to make his purchase as quickly as possible and grabbed a vibrator in purple his wife’s favourite colour and placed in on the counter.

The sale assistant proceeded to inform him that sex toys were non-refundable and she would need to demonstrate that it is fully working before purchase, now at that point all sorts of thoughts went through Tony’s mind and he could feel the heat coming from his face with embarrassment. She removed the sex toy from the packaging, inserted a set of batteries and placed it on the front counter whilst vibrating and took pleasure in demonstrating its various speeds and functions, it was at that point when a group of 3 young women entered the sex shop and witnessed the final product demonstration of Tony’s purchase.

In the car on his way home Tony came up with the Idea of Love Erotic an online sex toy shop where customers can purchase adult toys and products and get them delivered discreetly direct to the home address. He approached his wife Daisy Underwood with his idea, she agreed and Love Erotic was formed.

Originally Love Erotic was more of a hobby rather than a business earning a small extra income selling clothing and sexual aids on eBay, however the business grew at a fast rate and the product range increased from under 100 items on eBay well over 5,000 now available online at www.loveerotic.co.uk  Tony and Wife Daisy now run the business full time and employee 2 staff.

Love Erotic supplies all your adult sex toys to meet the demands of craving couples and assists  to fulfil the desires of many, no matter who they are we aim to satisfy our customers, enhance and promote a healthy sexual lifestyle and bring couples together like never before.

Love Erotic Ltd take pride customer service, our products and believe in 100% customer satisfaction

At Love Erotic you can find whatever your heart, or body, desires with our range of products continuously increasing and stocking sex toys for the female, some of our most popular items being vibrators, dildos and breast, nipple and vaginal pumps as well as offering the perfect sex toys for men including penis pumps for enlargement, cock rings and erotic wear. Apart from that we also provide essentials like lubricants, condoms, sexual enhancement products and sex toy cleaners. If however you are seeking some dominating action, our bondage section offers a range of enticing products like restraints, whips, gags, sex furniture and electro and medical items. For those looking for a bit of fun or the perfect gift for a partner, our variety of sex games and sexy gifts will keep the night alive and intimate.

Love Erotic Ltd for the perfect sex toy or adult product no matter what your sexual desire.

100% discreet packaging and professional service.

No Quibble returns policy.

Coming soon will be our 1st High street shop and our dropship service

PS The Wife Loved The Vibrator.

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