X Factor Penis Pump

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X Factor Penis Pump

Larger than your standard vacuum pump the X Factor is designed with plenty of room to grow.

It will accommodate men who are well endowed and looking for a larger penis pump to enhance their erection or require further grow in length and a wider girth.

The X Factor boasts a 12-inch transparent chamber with both imperial and metric measurement scales so you can monitor and record your progress.

Easy to use firstly choose one of the 3 different sized sleeves that you find most comfortable around your penis bearing in mind it needs to be a snug fit for an air tight seal. Slide your penis into the chamber, a small amount of water based lubricant can be used if required and should be smeared over the head of the penis and around the opening of the seal. Squeeze the hand trigger and as the vacuum is increased your penis will grow and become hard and erect but avoid over pumping. Hold your erection inside the x factor pump for a few minutes up to a maximum of 10 and then release the pressure by pulling on the release valve, after a short rest the process can be repeated if required.

Using a penis ring will help maintain the erection for longer.

With a regular workout, men will soon notice an increase in penis size, larger girth and enhanced erection that lasts longer improving your love life.

Key Features

  • Large 12” Chamber
  • Easy to use one handed trigger operation
  • Three multi coloured penis sleeves for a perfect snug fit.
  • 18” Ribbed hose for flexibility
  • Length – 12.4” 31.5 cm
  • Girth 8.65” 22cm

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