The History of Sex Toys

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The History of Sex Toys through the Years: 

Weird Facts on How They Originated

Did you ever wonder when and how the sex toys started to emerge? If you think that they were made up during the 1900s, you need to check your facts. Realistically speaking, history didn’t happen according to what you thought. Sex toys were invented far beyond you have possibly imagined! You even won’t believe that your ancient forefathers were also obsessed on the pleasure that sex brings.

To give you an interesting twist in history, here are some sex toys which you won’t believe how and when had originated:


1.    Dildo

Way back 23,000 BC, archaeologists found the most durable sexual invention that ever existed in the world—dildo. Even though only fire, stones, weapons, and beads were available during those prehistoric times, ancient humans were able to create the oldest dildo. It is 8-inch in length made from a carved stone behemoth in Germany. With this discovery, it can be inferred that ancient humans considered sex as a naturally pleasurable activity. 



2.    Lube

Ancient Greece, the home of gods and goddesses, were also the origin of lube. They were fascinated of how orifices could be made more enjoyable by using lubrication. Though there were no proven records of early use, by 350 B.C., Olive Oil was significantly in demand. The great Greek philosopher, Aristotle, made a reference through his History of the Animals that a smoother sex can prevent pregnancy. The “smoother sex” implies the uninterrupted activity of going in and out of an orifice through the use of Athena’s special gift—the olive oil.


3. Geisha Balls

Though the history is uncertain, Geisha balls were known to originate in the east around 500. A.D. Unlike today, these sexually arousing balls were used to turn on men. As time goes, women started to appreciate and utilize the device, thereby became the reason why it is mainly used for women nowadays. The balls were widely used around the globe, particularly in Asia; they are used as a toy to increase the libido or facilitate some self-help pleasure. 

4. Vibrator

In 1869, the Victorian period was the time for Britain domination. Steams, robots, and doctors masturbate hysterical women as a form of treatment were the things that defined Britain before. Female Hysteria was considered as an illness in which its treatment requires physicians to rub the patient’s genitals until she experienced orgasm. Because doctors complained how illogical the procedure is, George Taylor invented the first vibrator ran by steam. Subsequent innovations made the device more advanced such as Granville’s electrochemical version. The vibrator became in demand for homemakers as they were recognized as a medical treatment rather than a sexual aid. However, porn films emerged in the picture and started to utilize vibrators as a form of sexual toy. And from that day forward, vibrators were recognized as one. 

5. Butt Plugs

Frank E. Young, a man who conceptualized the idea of inserting objects on people’s rectum, decided to create a rectum dilator in 1892. The first dilator was 4 1/2 –inch in length, thus making it uncomfortable to use. People believed too that these old butt plugs were used primarily as medical devices that they were even advertised in reputable journals. For 40 years, these butt plugs were promoted and sold in the US, until 1938 when the Federal Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics Act legally prohibited them for advertising false information.  
In conclusion, sex toys were far much older than your favorite grandfather. The article just showed how an increased libido helped in producing creative minds. The timeline of origin showed how people, even those from the prehistoric times, will always find ways to invent objects that can induce pleasure.


If you have any comments, reactions, or facts that you could share regarding the use of sex toys, we are more than happy to hear them from you!

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