How to Make Your Man Good in Bed

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How to Make Your Man “Good” in Bed?


How to make your man better in bed


The idea of being wild in bed is what most people, both men and women, aim to gain some score. When their partners see them as a sexy bombshell in bed, their confidence boosts to a higher level making every bed scene more erotic than before.

Because most of the time guys do the hard work, the rate of how good their sex was depends on them. On the other hand, as the passive performer of the night, ladies often come as an evaluator of how good the guys are. However, because women often do not want their man to get frustrated when they find out that they are not good enough to make the girl reach a real orgasm, they tend to fake them.

If you think your man is not going to get a rated A+-worthy performance on bed, then might as well follow the tips below to help him out.



1. Masturbate In Front of Him

masturbate in front of your man

When you allow him to watch how you get turned on by yourself, it would be very much helpful for him to follow and do it right according to how you want it. It would give him a clue on how you will enjoy being touched by him. And because he saw how that skill makes you wet seductively, he would surely follow like an obedient dog.

Also, you can try something new by bringing a sex toy with you. Playing with a vibrator is a cool thing to do especially when you show him the way you do it perfectly. You can either run down those vibes on your clit during sex or put it in the middle of your bodies just like a sandwich. Any of these will surely work for you too.




2. Try Some BDSM

Try some BDSM at Love Erotic

Add a little control by bondage, discipline, dominance and submission (BDSM) erotic practices. If you have heard, read, or watched the famous Fifty Shades of Grey, you surely have an idea of how these practices are done. A Sadomasochism won’t hurt that much. It will inflict pain in a pleasurable way just like what Christian Grey, the dominant, did with Anastasia Steele, the submissive. If you are up on it, then try tying your man up, blindfold him, give a little spank or any activity that’s just dirty, sexy, and thrilling at the same time. Command and he will surely do it without thinking between two minds.




3. Watch Some Porn



Ditch those Rom-Coms and your other typical movie marathon genres. Grab some porn clips to watch together (I know that you know where to get them). While watching, ask each other whether you want the way what you see in the clips. “Do you expect me to touch you like that?” “Do you want that position?” “Is that hot?” and ‘Would that turn you on?” are some of the questions you could ask while watching. To save time, you can actually imitate immediately what you are watching.



4. Be Creative!

Be creative during sex


Bedrooms and Missionary positions are too overrated. Aren’t you bored with the old and thirsty for the new? Seeing a new environment and trying something new makes sex more exciting. Be creative and adventurous! Try having sex in various positions. Experiment which among the Kamasutra pieces of advice provides better penetration. The sky is the limit!



5. Grab and Guide


This is a show-but-do-not-tell portion of the scene. Take the lead by grabbing his hands and showing him how you want to be done. Instead of instructing him by words and creating an awkward moment, actively help him do the dirty work.

Maintaining an open relationship is important for couples. Though not every man is perfect, some guys are not that good in bed but are willing enough to do everything to please their girl. It is better to confront a man everything what you don’t like what he does rather than moaning at the top of your lungs out of a fake orgasm. Give your man a chance. Help each other because sex is a two-way activity.


 Lots of Love Mandy xx

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