Super Foods For Super Sex

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7 Super Foods for Super Sex


7 Super Foods For Improved Sex Life


Does your sex life need some boost? If you feel like your intimacy with your partner goes down low from a rating of 10 to 5, then you need to do something to about it! You don’t have to purchase any miracle pill just to feel the spice you are looking for. When in fact, your kitchen is the most convenient place where you can solve your sex problem! Believe it or not, there are what you call super foods that were discovered to save your sexual drive. And what’s more awesome about them is they are readily available in your kitchen.


1. Pumpkin Seeds


You know how thankful Cinderella was to her fairy godmother after turning pumpkins to an elegant carousel. Those things may not happen to you in reality, but like Cinderella, you could also be thankful for the existence of pumpkins too! But too much about the veggie itself, you should focus more on the seeds. They may sound inedible, but once you got to taste them, your libido might shake to its peak. Pumpkin seeds consist of zinc and essential oils that are helpful for your drive. They also aid in sperm production and testosterone enhancement.


2. Oysters



Oysters are not your typical sea treasure-keeper. You’ll be surprised how a version of Viagra could exist at the bottom of the ocean. It contains mono saturated fats, zinc, and omega oils as the perfect combination for a great steamy romance. Oysters are not just nutritious, they are also kinky especially when eaten together with someone you love.


3. Bananas



Aside from its natural resemblance of a penis that makes girls fantasize, bananas are quite helpful to actually increase your libido. 

Not just because of their appearance, bananas contains lots of  Vitamin B6 that aids in serotonin-secretion and balancing hormones.

Serotonin helps you keep satisfied after hours of making love. Moreover, the banana’s sugar content makes your energy fully  charged to enjoy an all-nighter orgasm.


4. Chili Peppers


Hot and fierce, these are the two words which could describe your sexual activity after eating some chilies. It does not necessarily mean that you should eat them raw especially if you think that spicy foods are not cool at all. Its secret component, Capsaicin, contributes the major role by releasing endorphin hormones for sexual desire.



5. Dark Chocolate


Who doesn’t adore the sweetness of chocolates? If you don’t, then now you have the reason why to hoard lots of them. Chocolates, especially the dark flavored ones, signals the body to release endorphins during orgasm. More chocolates, better orgasm. A chocolate a day makes your partner moan every day.



6. Spinach


Did you ever wonder why Popeye loved eating spinach from time to time? Here is a secret. It’s not just about the benefit of super strength, but also the effect that it gives to chase Olive Oil more! This superfood contains magnesium that helps to increase the blood flow to your genitals, thereby decreasing inflammation as well. A veggie version of Viagra, spinach makes sex more orgasmic and penile erection easier.



7. Red Wine


Both calming yet at the same time arousing, a glass of red wine is totally a part of the superfoods list! Experts say that drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine can elevate a woman’s sexual desire. Like spinach, it increases blood flow all the way down there, thereby makes erection and arousal better.

So discard those self-proclaimed miracle pills and just stick to what is natural. These foods are affordable and super to keep your sex life active and hot! If ever you noticed that your partner has that I-am-not-interested mood, you know what to do. 


Chocolate and Red Wine for me any day !!

Whats Your Favourite ?

Mandy xx

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