How Safe Is Your Sex Toy

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So you are looking to purchase your first or new sex toy for yourself or partner, you’ve probably decided on what adult toy you are looking to purchase, maybe a Vibrator? or a Dildo?,and how much you are going to spend, you have searched the internet, eBay and Amazon for the cheapest sex toy available but STOP!. I bet there is one thing that you haven’t considered “How Safe are some sex toys” yes it never crossed your mind did it?


With the internet opening so many doors for "adult toys," gone are the high street sex shops, and the majority of purchases these days are made online, you can even buy sex toys on eBay and Amazon but the big question is how do you know what you are really purchasing?. In our article we hope to open your eyes and make you more aware of the dangers of purchasing these products from un-reputable sources.


Cheap sex toys from China and other countries more often than not,are manufactured from low cost plastics that contain harmful toxic chemicals, these suppliers do not care about health risks, only producing the product as cheaply as possible and maximising profits. Ask yourself this question "would I consume a drink knowing that it was full of toxic chemicals"?, Of course you wouldn’t so why would you purchase a cheap sex toy that you intend to insert into your body releasing these harmful chemicals, quite scary isn’t it!


We are not saying that all sex toys from China are dangerous, most adult toys are made in china but from reputable manufactures that have to meet strict regulations to ensure that they are 100% body safe.


You may have heard about phthalates,these are added to plastics to make them more flexible, but pose a high risk to health which have been linked to  include breast cancer, diabetes, damage to lungs, liver and kidneys are well as hormonal disruption and problems with the male reproductive system, low quality semen and genital development to name a few.


After reading this you may have changed your mind about using sex toys, please don’t let us put you off, sex toys are great and are enjoyed by couples and really do help create an exciting love life, not forgetting those who are single and enjoy masturbation devices.



So what to look for when buying a safe sex toy.


We always recommend sticking to a reputable supplier as you can’t rely on printed kite marks and CE logos on packaging. In China they will always print these, making false claims trying to assure buyers that their products are safe. If you prefer to use the common market places like eBay and Amazon always look for an EAN number in the product details, as most fake and harmful sex toys will not have this and often read "does not apply" . Sellers on eBay from china, that sell vibrators and other sex toys for a fraction of the cost, you should stay well clear of.

Branded sex toys that are extremely cheap unless clearance items, are guaranteed to be fake copies that can be potentialy dangerous. Top adult manufactures spend endless amounts of money testing and developing their products before release to ensure they are totally safe for consumers, fake copies do not have this investment and although may look the same, in appearance they are inferior, often faulty and un-safe to use.


Love Erotic Ltd guarantee that all our products are from branded manufacturers and are 100% safe to use. If you buy from us, or another online reputable supplier of adult toys you can be assured that your adult sex toy is completely safe to use.


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