Introducing Role Play to Your Sex life

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5 Role Playing Ideas to Boost up Your Sex Life

Sex becomes better when accompanied with a little spice of creativity. Don't limit your naughty minds within a box, you'll end up making routines. Doing the same things countless times repetitively is quite boring; it lacks adventure. 


Typical steamy sessions of making love on bed with the guy positioned above a women while thrusting hard is so way over and dull. Why not try a little twist? Use your imagination and play a new identity in the bedroom! Role playing is not only for kids, but also for adults too which is more fun and mischievous!

Try these 5 role playing ideas on your next sexual activity:


1. Stripper

Show up those sexy curves by wearing some alluring lingerie and play the most seductive song you know. Move those hips, give him a lap dance, and tease him with naughtiness until he craves for you mercifully.


2. Porn Star

Porn films? I know you know where to get them. Watch your favorite porn film and reenact them. Or, why not make your own? I think it would be more arousing.


3. Dominant/Submissive

Have you heard of the popular billionaire sex sadist Christian Grey with his submissive Anastasia Steele? Those characters are the best examples of modern day dominant-submissive role players. Inflicting pain gives a different kind of pleasure you'll resist. Do you mind a bit of a playful spank?


4. Your Favorite Movie

How about a steamy bed scene just like the movies? You can be like Romeo and Juliet, Maggie and Jamie in Love and Other Drugs, Noah and Allie in The Notebook, and Robbie and Cecilia in The Atonement. And if you want, you can be your own cast on your very own bed scene.


5. Masseuse

Light some candles, play the most romantic music you know and massage each other. Apply oil on each other's body, touch, and caress each other anywhere you permitted to.

Playing new role identities help in boosting your sexual relationship to a higher level. But whatever new roles you may play, always go back to your basic characters as two separate persons who are madly in love with each other.

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