Why Men Love to Go Down On You

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Why Men Love to Go Down On You?


Aside from the kissing and thrusting, have you ever wondered why your man is so obsessed with eating you down there? Men live for that. Even though it is quite obvious that ladies experience all the satisfaction as compared to the guys, men are undeniably up for some ‘Going down’ game.  You will be surprised of the 10 reasons why!

  1. It Releases Pressure

Some men feel that they won’t last longer than you have expected him to. They become frustrated whenever they fail to make girls aroused after a couple of rounds. When they go down, it means that they can turn you on through those drooling and licking sessions.

  1. He Like How it Looks

Aside from their perspective that your breasts look way better from down there, he likes it when how much you enjoy being eaten from below. Admit it, you enjoy it. A lot.

  1. Break Time

For guys who do not have enough endurance to last long continuously for more couple of hours, he thinks that going down there is a way of cooling down yet at the same time keep you aroused.

  1. He Likes The Taste

Believe it or not, they do.

  1. A Signal

Going down could signal for your turn to get down on him too. That’s equality. Though it is not required, guys also love to be satisfied by their girls. It’s not bad to return a little favor to your man.

  1. Shake off any cramps

Foreplay can turn out to be wild like you have never imagined before. And most of the time, you got lost in the euphoria that it brings. That’s why men experience some kinks and cramps. He goes down there just to get rid of those. They will need a minute or two to stretch out his legs.

  1. They Love the Scalp Massage

When you cannot control the sexual arousal he has been causing you, you tend to subconsciously grab his neck and caress his hair. He totally loves it.

  1. He’s Getting You Prepared

When hormones are all heightening, and the lubrication is all set, then that’s the signal! Once he got down on you, and you’re all wet from inside, then you are actually prepared for some hardcore penetrative sex you won’t resist.   

  1. The Anticipation is Unwinding

Watching you enjoy it, makes him crave you for some more.

  1. Best Present

No matter what occasion it is, you deserve an out of this world gift for your sexual satisfaction. 

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