Love at First Sight

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The Girl Who Never Believed in Love at First Sight Until …


I'm Adrianna, and I don't believe in love at first sight. I find fairy tales, Facebook confessions, and overrated dramas disgusting and annoying. My mom always tells me stories of how she fell in love with my dad when they first met each other. I just listen and roll my eyes afterward because I believe that it doesn't exist and even impossible until I met this guy.

One Friday night, December 8, 2011, I decided to have some coffee at   Amelia's--my forever favorite coffee maker! I sat there alone reading my old treasured book. This "week-ender habit" is certainly the reason why I love Friday nights; they make me feel that I deserve a break after a long tiring week as an editor. While reading chapter 6, I noticed from my peripheral vision that a camera lens is pointing towards me. I looked to that direction and saw a guy taking a picture of me. He smiled, but I ignored him. I continued reading. But then I noticed him again, and he just kept on smiling.


I closed my book, stood up, and went to him. "Hey, what are you doing? You don't have any permission to do that?!" I was already annoyed.


He stood up, smiled, and said in a calm manner, "I'm sorry. I'm a photographer. I just take pictures of anything that I find beautiful." He again smiled.


I don't know what's with his smile, but it's hypnotizing. It's the kind of smile you would always love to see. And his eyes... his dazzling blue eyes were laid towards mine. I almost melted. So, I calmed down and said, "That won't change anything. Kindly delete them." I went away, grabbed my book and left. As the strange guy was gradually losing out of my sight, he just stared at me and smiled.


Another Friday came. Upon seating on my favorite place, Amelia went to me and gave me a hot cappuccino. I was surprised because I just came and I haven't ordered for anything. She handed me a note saying,


"Sorry for last night. Hope this one can change anything.  -Kyle"


I searched for him around the shop, but he was not around. Capucchino, the usual coffee flavor I order, how could he know? I read my book and took a drink.


A few minutes later, a guy suddenly went in front of me and uttered, "Did it change anything?" I looked at him with surprise. He smiled that beautiful smile again and sat on the chair in front of me.


"Yes, thank you for this peace offering." I smiled at him for the first time. "You know you look more beautiful when you smile," he said.


"I'm Kyle, by the way" as he offers me a hand to shake.


"Adrianna." We shook hands.


"So do you always go here?" I asked.


"Yes, I find this place beautiful and relaxing."


For 6 hours, we've been talking to each other about anything. From our childhood memories to our beliefs, we never run out of stories to tell. It's like we were long lost friends who haven't seen each other for years. He told me how he loves photography and how he dreamt of taking pictures of anything beautiful all over the world.



Every Friday was like Kyle-and-Adrianna Day. As usual, we drink our favorite coffee and share stories of what happened during the week.



One day, he asked me to come with him. He said that he wants to show me a treasure he has been keeping. He promised himself that he would take me there. "It's my secret happy place," he said, "I haven't taken anyone there unless you'd agree to go with me." I agreed, and we went there together.


We went to a small bungalow. The yard was filled with lights and colors. They were so gorgeous as they come underneath with the open starry sky.


"Welcome to my secret happy place!" He smiled that beautiful smile again.


I smiled and said, "This place is so lovely! Do you live here?"


"No. But soon, I will."


"I took you here because I promised to myself that I'd share this place with someone I love."


For a moment, silence took over between us. Our eyes were laid upon each other. And he asked me, "Will you stay with me?"


I was surprised with what I heard. I cried with happiness. My heart was pounding hard; my face was turning red, and I was only looking at his dazzling sincere blue eyes... eyes that were calm and glorious like the sea.


I said "Yes! I'll stay with you." He smiled and hugged me tightly. I can feel his warmth and the firmness of his body. We looked at each other for a while. He told me how lucky he was to have me. All his life he's been praying for me.


He held my reddened cheeks, moved his face closer to mine and kissed my lips. His lips were so soft yet he kissed so hard but slowly. I pulled him closer signaling that I want for more. My body's heat was intensively increasing as every lip touches another.


At that moment, we crave for each other.


He stopped for a while, smiled, and kissed me on the forehead.


"Come, I'll show you something."


I grabbed his hand. We went to a small dark room.


"Do you trust me?"




"Stand here." He kissed me.


He let go of my hands and went to the corner.




He counted for 3 seconds then pushed the switch on.



A hall of large photos appeared right in front of my eyes. I was more surprised when it was all about me. They were portraits of my face while I am alone on Amelia's during Friday nights. It's like they were shot for a long period already. It was me at every angle.



Kyle walked towards me and said, "I love you since day 1, Adrianna! I can't stop thinking about you since that first Friday night I saw you. You may not have noticed me there, but you were the reason why I kept on visiting that coffee shop. Just to see you. I can't stop taking pictures of you because I can't let a single Friday night slip away without capturing a single photo of you. You are the most beautiful girl I've seen, and I won't get tired of taking pictures of you because you're one masterpiece that God has given to me. That moment, exactly a year ago, when you were annoyed at me gave me more reason to persevere to have you. I love you so much, Adrianna. My love for you will last longer than any of these pictures can."


I was speechless. It was true love right in front of my eyes. It was a real life love-at-first-sight kind of love story. I never believed it would happen to me until today, December 8, 2012.


After three years, Kyle and I decided to get married. We now have two kids, and we are living in that small bungalow of lights and colors.


I am Adrianna, and I believe in love at first sight.


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