Inflatable Love Dolls Make The Perfect Partner

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Inflatable Sex Dolls: Things You Should Know About Your Handy Sex Buddy

Nothing can stop you from having sex even if you are single or even if you haven't found the right sexual partner yet. With just a matter of enough air and a heightening libido, you can have sex not just by yourself but also with the company of your handy dandy sex doll.


What is an Inflatable Sex Doll?

Also known as love or blow up doll, this kind of sex toy resembles the size and contour of a real human. Depending on its gender, the doll has its own face, mouth, body, pelvis, extremities, and genitals such as the vagina, anus, and penis used for sexual stimulation. Sex dolls are man's synthetic sexual partner that helps in masturbation. Some dolls were designed to vibrate too which provides additional stimulation.

Though they are not considered real or living, inflatable sex dolls need air to function. If you are looking for a sex pal who will be with you 24/7, anytime and anywhere you want, you might be interested in our real life sexy inflatable dolls.

Here are seven weird things you must know about a sex doll:


1. You can have sex with them.

These are the only dolls that you can consider as a guy thing. Guys love them for the core reason that they can have sex with these dolls. And that’s where they got their name.


2. Sex toys don't nag at you.

Some guys claim that they are tired of how women break the hearts of men through words. Though dolls may not be as warm as the body of real women, the former is not as cold as the real descendants of Eve.


3. Some cities and countries favor the use of sex dolls.

Yes, you are allowed. According to a 2008 study, the top 3 countries in their particular order were the Philippines, Australia, and the USA. Aussie cities surely love sex dolls the most. And they are waiting for you mate to grab your own!


4. Barbie was based on Bild Lilli, a German erotic doll.

The ever sensational toy for kids, Barbie, was originally based on a German sex doll named Bild Lilli. She was an icon of pornography in the early 1950s wherein she was used as a penetrating toy.


5. They own 240 sex dolls and are still counting... although they never had sex with them all.

A British couple with the names Bob and Lizzie holds the record of the world's largest collection of sex dolls, 240 to be exact, and they are still counting. But according to Bob, surprisingly, they never had sex with any of these dolls. They just watch TV with them, eat dinner, have tea, and all other family stuff.


6. Heartbroken men design dolls that resemble their ex-lovers.

Oskar Kokoschka, an Austro-Hungarian artist, was inspired by his lover who dumps him in 1916 to create a life-sized female doll. However, he eventually destroyed the doll out of rage during a party.


In 2010, an owner of a sex shop in Italy admitted that he recreates old dead lovers through manufacturing sex dolls according to her image.


7. It's more than just sex.

Though some men buy these dolls for the glory of sex, believe it or not, some tend to become too emotionally attached to these human-like sex figures. Would you even believe that a guy from Michigan who owns three dolls, claim one as his wife and the other two as his mistresses? He was proud of them, by the way. Even though it is not yet legal to marry an inanimate object, he insists that he is married to one of them.

Sex dolls can really take you far from more than just being your unalive "fuck buddy." They don't just give you pleasure; they give you company.


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