How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

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Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy Sexual Relationship


Sex is a need--an irresistible thirst that needs to be quenched. The heat brought by rubbing skins, the release of an overflowing serotonin, and the climactic pleasure make couples crave for each other even more. No wonder why most people, especially lovers don't let a night slip away without having sex.


As a matter of fact, sex provides you with several health advantages that you may not be aware off, including physical benefits, creating a good mood and increases self-esteem and confidence.


1. It enhances the mood. A long tiring day can certainly affect your mood negatively. As you arrive home, you become physically and mentally exhausted causing your libido to go down drastically. But with sex, all those fluctuating levels can boost to its peak making you happy and satisfied again.


2. It relieves stress. Stress is one of the top causes why people develop illness. Though stress is inevitable, people could adapt from it by having sex.


3. It strengthens your relationship with your partner. Sex is a great avenue to show your partner how you love him or her so much.


Because of these fundamental advantages of sex to your life, it is essential to know how to keep these momentums on its healthy and maximum level.

Here are some tips on how to fuel up a dull sex life or boost a great sexual routine:


1. Stop Smoking.

If you still don't have yet any reason for you to stop smoking, I guess, this can persuade you. Research revealed that the nicotine content of cigarettes constricts the blood vessels of the penis the way how it constricts the arteries of the heart. If you continue to smoke, you might eventually find it hard to maintain an erection. Smoke or sex? Choose one.


2. Watch An Erotic Video With Your Partner.

The video would give you other ideas on how to improve your intimate rituals. Imagine that you were the ones performing in the clip. Talk about what you like and don't like while having sex.


3. Kiss and Observe.

Look at your partner when you are performing a naughty trick on him or her. Keep your eyes open and observe how your partner mercifully craves for more. This is also a way to show sincerity, trust, and love.


4. Give a Massage.

What's more relaxing than receiving a massage from someone you love? You are free to touch your partner anywhere they permitted you. You'll get to caress each other and feel the heat of an aroused body.


5. Have Sex in Different Places in the House.


It can be in the bathroom, kitchen, or even on the staircase. Having sex aside from the bedroom is more thrilling and makes you feel naughtier. Wherever it is, make your erotic memories unforgettable.


6. Be Creative in Bed.

Boredom has no room in your sexual relationship. Explore new sex positions. Try searching on the internet for some ideas. Be as inventive as you can possibly be in expressing how crazy you are to your partner.


7. Have Sex like It’s the First Time.

Do you remember that time when you first laid your hands on each other? Do you still remember how excited, curious, and wild you were during your first sexual intercourse? Try to rekindle those feelings so you’ll both be reminded how truly madly deeply in love you are. Though your sexual life today is not as thrilling as it was before, it is not too late to take some actions for improvement.


8. Purchase a Sexy Lingerie.

Choosing the right lingerie may quite be confusing at first. To help you buy the right one and look sexy in front of your turned on man, you can check this article out.

Sexy lingerie will help you boost your confidence during a hot steamy sex.



9. Sex Without Penetration.

Get intimate and jointly agree not to have intercourse, explore each other’s bodies discover various ways to turn your lover on by trying new things that may include an erotic massage or a new sex toy. Sex can be just as intimate and enjoyable without penetration. Libido, lust and the desire for full intercourse increases ready for your next encounter, keeping your sex life alive and healthy.


10. Spend Time with Each Other Regularly.

Nothing is sweeter than knowing that someone is always there to give his or her time for you. Sex is not a daily requirement if you don’t feel like doing it. There are a lot of other ways on how to show love to your partner. Go out, watch a movie, have a picnic, visit a place that you love like you were teenagers. These sweet times create sweet memories; they don’t just spice up your sexual life, but they also strengthen the entire aspect of your relationship.


A healthy sex life leads to a healthy relationship. Remember that a couple who maintains a happy sexual life together, stays forever.




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