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Girls Rule: Why Guys Love Women on Top?

Admit it or not, guys most of the time dominate a sex scene. The sexual satisfaction depends on the performance of men or whoever is on top. Because that’s the usual scenario, guys are fascinated by women who can manage to grind on top like a natural boss. Below are the surprising reasons why.


  1. He Can Relax While Being Aroused

In contrast with the usual practice, guys become submissive. They will have fewer responsibilities. This is great whenever he is not in the mood to do his best. When he is too tired, you can at least return the favor by letting him rest and doing your part. Allow him to get some leg stretch. Being on top is one way to give him a break.

  1. The View is Just Fascinating


When you are on top, he can wholly see your glorious body. Though he can see it all if it’s his turn on top, letting you make an effort will give him a fascinating view by just exerting zero percent energy.

3. His Free to Touch You

he is free to touch you when you have sex on top

If he is the kind of guy who gets attracted to butts, then the woman-on-top position is a great opportunity for him. Though the cowgirl position is not the best position for butt-lovers, I think doggy-style deserved that title more. But being on top would allow him to touch you freely while you grind.

  1. Perfect Angle

you can get the perfect angle for sex when on top

Not everyone has the same perspective of what angle does he or she like in terms of penetration. When he asks you to be on top, it can only mean that it is a great angle to see while lying comfortably on his back.

  1. Make Him Submissive

make him submissive while having sex on top

This time, you will play as the dominant partner who can pin him down. You can assert your relationship role here. Relationships should be balanced. No one should be labeled as an ‘under.’

  1. He Can Control the Pace

By lifting you up and down repetitively with various intensities, he can control your grinding speed according to his preference. He grabs your hips and makes you dance. It is a win-win scenario.

  1. It’s a Reverse

reverse missionary position

Aside from the missionary position you have been doing as a routine, you might like the Reverse Missionary for a change. It’s time for the girl to be on top.

Creativity is the game; it is one factor to spice up your sexual activity. If your man has been doing all the hard work during sex, then to be fair and for a change, girls should also show to their partners what they got while on bed.

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