Love Erotic's Guide to Choosing Your 1st Sex Toy

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Top 3 Things You Should Know While Choosing Your First Sex Toy



First milestones can either be unforgettably delightful or frustrating. First kiss, first sex, first heartbreak, and many more firsts will happen including the purchase of your very first sex toy. Though it is normal if even up to now you still don't have the slightest idea of what to buy yet you have that strong desire to grab your first toy, starting on the most basic and cheap won't hurt that bad. Because buying new things would entail you to risk some effort and money to chances, here are the top 3 tips you should remember before paying for that unsold sex toy on the shelf.


1. Know Your Budget

Your budget will direct your purchasing activity. It will dictate the quality of toy that you can purchase. It is considered as one of the most important factors in choosing the suitable toy. If you are a bit conscious of the amount of money to risk, you can always lean on the cheap ones first without thinking the ends of your decisions.

Experiment with less expensive, so you won't have to regret too much just in case. With the power of internet, you can find discounted adult sex toys online with a vast range that can bring you the quality that you desire at an affordable price.

Once you had finally thought of that one toy you found worthy of your trust, then it’s time to make some extra spend.


2. Check the Label

When you found a toy that's within your budget's reach, check first the product's label carefully.

Ask yourself the following questions:


A. How big or how long is this?

Look for the detail that says how big the toy is. Aside from the total length, more importantly, is to know the length which you could insert. This is appropriate for vibrators and dildos, or any toy which requires insertion as stimulation. Ask yourself if it’s comfortable to use--this is also a significant factor to consider.


B. How does it feel?

Don't let pictures fool you. A toy may seem hard and rigid on the outside when it's soft when held. Check the specifications. See whether the toys can be submerged underwater or whether they don't require high cleaning maintenance.


C. Can I adjust the speed?

Toy types vary as the speed of their function. There are a lot of toys with speeds that are adjustable, with parts that are removable and interchangeable, and lastly, those that are operated by batteries.


3. Read the Reviews

The people whom you can rely on deciding whether a sex toy falls within your standards or not are the ones who bought and experienced it first. Read reviews--they reflect the overall performance of the toy and the total satisfaction of the customers. 5-Star rate signifies that the product is made of high quality. Be a good critic; Reviews are payable nowadays. Be smart on identifying who among the list tells the truth about the sex toy's qualities. You'll know it if you read them carefully.



Once you have the budget, know the right specifications and read reviews, you are now ready to buy your own! Shop now here with us and grab your very first sex toy.

If you have questions, reactions, comments, or stories to tell, we would love to hear from you!

You can drop them off down here in the comments section.

Happy sex toy shopping!

Mandy x

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