Beginners Guide To Anal Sex

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Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex





Anal sex is usually one of a couple’s list of things-to-do that they have never thought of doing. Ever. But, there would always come a time when the gods and goddesses of sexual wilderness whisper that you should at least try anal sex for once.

At first, it may sound awkward and disgusting to try especially when you are a beginner.

In case that you have made up your mind to try it out, here is some beginner’s guide on your first anal sex experience.


  1. Try It If You Really Want to

Don’t force yourselves if you do not want to. You’ll just end up being uncool if you did something you don’t like. There is a big difference between wanting to do it with your partner and wanting to do it for your spouse. Anal sex needs mutual consent. You can do it if you are involved in a healthy and open relationship. But if it’s either you or your partner do not want a penis enema, better leave it on the table.

  1. Use a Condom

Monogamous or not, condoms will give you the protection that you need. I just want to remind you that the nasty brown thing that comes out from your butt has bacteria around it. Therefore, it would be very unhygienic to insert your penis without wearing your protective condoms on. Also, it is a mortal sin to use the same condom that you used during vaginal penetration. I think condoms are not that costly to put yourselves at risk.

  1. Apply Some Lube

Using lubricants during vaginal sex is just as important during anal sex. Though there is a misconception that too much lubes will decrease the man’s sensation of pleasure, it is not true. When in fact, you need to use more lubes in anal sex that the typical vaginal one. There is no such thing as an over application of lube; they make it easier for the guy to go inside you repeatedly.

  1. Choose a Suitable Lubricant

Thicker lubes are preferable than the water-based ones because their drying times are not that quick. Meanwhile, oil-based lubes are quite a hard to get rid of once anal sex is over; it somehow decreases the sensation on the guy’s skin.

Anal lubricants are design for anal sex, with a thicker consistancy that last longer and stays in place just where you need it for a slippery encounter.

  1. It hurts.  

Feeling pain during the insertion of the head of the penis is normal. After all, the head is the widest part. It would be absurd if you felt pain on the base. Also, regular sex will not eventually be more painful any more than your first sex experience.

  1. Exercise your butt muscles

Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles alternate relaxation and constriction is like your Kegel’s. It is done by holding on to your poop. This exercise helps in strengthening your butt muscles during sex.

  1. It Feels Like Pooping

This is the reason why most people do not want to engage in anal sex—they are afraid that they might poop in the middle of an arousing situation. But this is a myth. You will be surprised how you won’t end up pooping even if it strongly felt like you will.

  1. Pick Your Position

Be it in a missionary or doggy style, you can actually perform anal sex in any position you would like. However, some people will always prefer the ones which would cause lesser pain which is the doggy style. Sex experts claim that the missionary position provides the least clitoral stimulation.

  1. Pee After Sex

Peeing after sex prevents UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. Aside from the feeling of pooping, expect to feel like you are about to pee. It’s normal. You might also feel ‘butt queefs’ or the air that accumulates and releases in your butt (it is not a fart though).

  1. Never Do It Again … If You Don’t Like It

If you did it just for the sake of trying but you ended up despising it, then it would be better not to do it again. You don’t have to force yourselves. You don’t have to do several rounds before finally deciding that you don’t want it anymore. If you don’t like it, that is actually fine. At least, you tried.

If you are looking for some sexual adventures, try the classic butt sex out! There’s nothing wrong with trying. After all, your choice is your call. Do it with someone that is willing to share that experience with you. 


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