Your Guide To Anal Sex Toys

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With so many anal sex toys now available at Love Erotic we have produced this guide to assist you in making the right choice, getting the most out of your toy and discovering the joys of anal sex.

Often used with your partner or equally enjoyable for solo play our wide range of anal toys cater for all tastes from simple beads to vibrating butt plugs.







Anal Beads


Available in various shapes but most commonly oval or circular this type of anal toy consists of stimulating shaped beads that often increase in diameter and size so further they are inserted the more stimulation they produce in the anal passage. A finger loop is generally found on one end for ease for removal, which users find that for maximum pleasure this is done at the point of climax for a more intense orgasm.

We Recommend Toy Joy 10 Thai Toy Beads









Anal Probes / Dildos


The dildo was originally designed for vaginal insertion, but now readily available is the anal dildo or sometimes known as an anal probe. Designed for both men and women these toys are curved and shaped to stimulate the back of the vagina in women or the prostate gland in men. Most anal dildos have a tapered head to allow the toy to be easily inserted and often come with a flared base to avoid over insertion and ease of removal.

We Recommend Basic Essentials Beaded Probe











Anal Vibrators


Similar in appearance and design to anal probes, these sex toys are for those who enjoy the experience of vibrations. Available as a single vibrator or for users who enjoy both anal and vaginal penetration at the same time dual vibrators are available for this pleasure. Vibrations can be single speed or the more advanced anal toys may have various modes and speeds allowing you to find your perfect setting for your anal encounter.

We Recommend Aqua Veee Vibrating Butt Plug









Butt Plugs


These are one of the most common and still popular choice of anal toy that has been around for years. Ideal for beginners to anal sex various design are offered from smooth bodies and for those who are more daring textured shafts that provide more stimulation of the anal passage. Most butt plugs have either large bases or finger loops to prevent the toy being inserted too far.

We Recommend 3 Inch Plug And Play Anal Finger









Inflatable Butt Plugs


These can expand to large proportions and give you more flexibility on the size of butt plug you require. Inserted into the anal passage inflation is achieved usually with a hand bulb that also has a safety release valve to deflate. You should always increase the size slowly and enjoy the stretching feeling as the butt plug expands available in various shapes and sizes including penis shaped.

We Recommend Bad Kitty Anal Balloon






Douche and Enema for hygienic anal sex






Douches and enemas provide a vital part of anal sex and should be used before and after play.

Used to dispense water or other fluids into the anal passage to help remove any waste leaving you hygienically clean and ready for play. Love Erotic stock a range of douches for both anal and vaginal cleansing also available as a travel kit.

We Recommend Clean Stream Deluxe Enema Bulb








Male Prostate Anal Toys


Not many men have experienced or know of the immense pleasure that is experienced when the prostate is stimulated or massaged. Often known as the male G-Spot that can be found approximately 1.5 to 2 inches in the anal passage, once stimulated during sex it will lead to an explosive orgasm that you have never felt before.

Prostate sex toys are carefully designed to reach the male G-Spot with ease, with curved shafts that hit the right spot every time, static and models with vibration are always available to buy from Love Erotic Ltd

We Recommend Anal Fantasy Beginners Prostate Stimulator Black 3.5 Inch




We hope you found our guide to anal sex toys useful, don’t forget always use lubrication preferable a lube designed for anal play these have a thicker consistency and will provide great slippery sex.





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