Enjoy Anal Foreplay

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Ten Tips on How to Do Enjoy Anal Foreplay




If you are not yet ready to have a full-blown anal sex, you can start little by little through anal foreplay activities.

Imagine that you are fingering your partner inside his or her butt, what would you feel?

Anal foreplay activities are just as pleasurable as the vaginal, foot, neck, leg, or earlobe foreplay activities.

If you are a beginner and want to take it slow with your partner, here are some fun and sexy warm-up anal foreplay tips you should know to get ready for anal sex.


  1. It’s Painless

The only thing that you should feel while anal fingering is pleasure. Pain has no room in the scenario because you have a lube (unless you forgot to apply some). It should just feel like you are about to poop, but you aren’t. Relax, breath, and use some lubes.




  1. Start Small.

It is like teasing your partner by doing simple things first and gradually work your way up. As what was said, this is like your warm-up activity. Use your finger, tongue, or a sex toy for anal play. There are such thing as butt plugs. You can try to avail them here if you want.




  1. Don’t Insert Everything

Insert only the tip. Seduce your partner. This would serve as an anal stimulation. If you tried to insert it completely, you would inevitably cause some pain.  




  1. Take It Slow

Rapid and vigorous finger movements are not yet done here. Remember, simple things first then gradually do your way up. Foreplay is a means of prepping for the big event.




  1. Be Honest

Create an open relationship. Communication is important to know whether you are doing the right thing or not. The only way to know whether everything is working out fine for you is by telling it directly to each other. Be sensitive or be aware of what your partner is feeling. Non-verbal signs should also be considered.




  1. Anal Sex is Not Dirty

In contrary to the belief that anal foreplay is dirty, it is actually not! Lay people would think this way because everyone knows where poop comes out, right? But, sexologist says that the lower part of the rectum, which is the anus, has only a little amount of fecal matter inside it. It appears clean as opposed to what everyone thinks it is.




  1. Be Hygienic

Like condoms, you should not use the same finger you used for vaginal fingering afterward.  You don’t want to transfer the bowel’s bacteria to your vagina, do you?



  1. Add a Little Stimulation

The more stimulation, the better.  List it all! It can be vaginal, clitoral, or on your nipples. Do whatever your dirty hands want you to do to make your partner moan loudly. Though some women are satisfied with anal stimulation alone, there are still some who wants some more. You can ask your partner how he or she wants to be turned on more.




  1. If You Don’t Like It, Stop It

If you still despise it after a few tries, then it is time to halt the experiment. Don’t think that it would eventually be tolerable that’s why you keep on trying to do it even if you don’t like it anymore. Do anal activities if you feel like doing it, you are willing to do it, and if both of you agrees to continue. You can always voice out whether you want it or not.




  1. Waxing Is Not A Recommendation

Experts say that it is not necessary at all. You don’t have to trim that hair down just to experience a great anal foreplay.

Take it slow. Anal sex does not have to be right now if you are not ready yet. But if you are eyeing to experience some great anal penetration yet still ambivalent to try it, you can always try these ten simple anal foreplay tricks to prep you up! 

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