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About Me

For several years, fate has been too tricky to allow me to become a witness of love in its different forms—intimate, friendly, casual, unrequited, and unconditional. I can honestly say that my love adventure is tough.


Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Mandy, a girl who knows how to love and be loved. I have experienced the thrill of falling in love with a person for the first time, the bitterness of infidelity, and the sorrow from letting a person go whom I once thought was my forever.


From my bumpy roller coaster ride experience, I have learned a lot in life and realized how powerful love could really be. It makes you irrationally feel happiness and pain all at once, yet people adore that peculiar effect on them. Thereby, I created this blog to share my thoughts, to relate, and to help you, in my utmost capability, on your journey to seek for love.

Join me on my “Feels-Trip” of understanding and unraveling more adventures with this crazy little thing called love. If you have any stories or love problems to share, you are free to share them all with me. Keep on loving!

Mandy Writer and Blogger For Love Erotic

Lots of Love Mandy xx


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