Extreme Enlargement Pump Blue

Extreme Enlargement Pump Blue (2M1158-4) by loveerotic.co.uk

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Extreme Enlargement Pump Blue

The Extreme Enlargement Penis Pump

Boats a 7.5-inch transparent chamber that is slightly larger than most pumps and offers plenty of room for penis growth.

The Extreme enlargement pump has a soft entry base with Internal Nodule Sleeve and comes with a free penis ring to maintain and keep the erection hard for longer after use.

Easy to use standard hand bulb will achieve a vacuum quickly with minimum effort and comes complete with a push button safety release pressure valve.

With regular use men will soon notice an increase in penis size both in length and girth. Users will also benefit from a longer lasting stronger erection and increase stamina in bedroom activities.


Instructions on how to use your penis pump.

Apply a small amount of water based lubricant to the penis and opening of the penis pump.

Insert the penis through into the chamber of the vacuum pump.

Squeeze the hand bulb to create the vacuum suction

The Penis will become hard and erect, hold the vacuum from 30 seconds up to 10 minutes to stimulate muscle growth within the penis.

Release the vacuum by pressing the pressure release valve and remove your penis from the pump

After a rest repeat the process if required.



As will all penis pumps never over pump and always increase the pressure gradually. No pain should ever be felt when using a penis enlargement device only a sucking sensation from the vacuum which may feel strange at first. If you develop any pain when using a penis pump if means you have over pumped and the pressure is to high, Stop immediately and release the pressure.

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