Delay Sprays & Creams

Delay Sprays & Creams

Premature ejaculation is very common problem for men which can cause serious problems in any sexual relationship. This condition is easy cured with our delay sprays or creams and will lead to a much more enjoyable and pleasurable love making.

Enjoy a better sex life that both you and your lover deserve with our creams or spray that desensitize the penis head allowing you to perform like a stud and restore confidence.

All our delay products for men are completely body safe and so easy to use.

Simply spray a small or apply a small amount of the cream to your penis head prior to any sexual activity and impress your lover with your staying power.

Choose from our popular product like the Super dragon, Pjur Med Pro-Long Delay Spray, Bull Power Delay Gel, Black Stone Delay Spray, Power Plus Desensitising Cream, Rhino Long Power Delay Cream, Sta Erect Delay Spray for Men and much more!

Say good bye to premature ejaculation and discover how good you really can perform!

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Bathmate Control Delay Gel

Unlike any other delay gel on the market, Bathmate control is made completely from natural ingredien..


Black Stone Delay Spray 15ml

For Men Who Cannot last for long enough to allow their partner to reach a climax a delay spray is re..


Bull Power Delay Gel

Last Longer and Delay Ejaculation with Our Bull Power Ultimate Delay Gel for Men.  Designe..


CoolMann Delay Gel For Men

For the guy that may have experienced a little premature explosion problem and wants to make sure th..


Dr Holdon Falongas Ejaculation Delay

Dr Holdon Falongas Ejaculation Delay uses a unique formula that works in under 30-seconds will tanta..


Dragon Spray 6000 Delay Spray

One of our most popular products for treating premature ejaculation is the Dragon Spray 6000 De..


Dragon Spray Super Dooz 34000 Spray 45ml

From the makers of Super Dragon 6000 the new Super DOOZ 34000 spray.Their first spray with Vitamin E..


Extra Maximum Delay Cream (Large)

Control your climax and prolong your lovemaking with this Extra Maximum delay lubricant that is safe..


Extra Maximum Delay Cream (Small)

Manage your climax and extend your lovemaking with this Extra Maximum delay lubricant that is safe, ..


Gum Yak Dai Wan Spray

Gum Yak Dai Wan Spray is a quick and easy delay spray created for men that suffer from premature eja..


JO For Men Prolonger Desensitizing Gel 60ml

If you're looking for a quick and easy solution to your premature ejaculation situation, give the JO..


JO Men Prolonger Desensitizing Spray

JO Prolonger Desensitizing Spray provides lasting pleasure and satisfaction for your partner plus in..


Magic Stamina Spray

For men that are concerned about premature ejaculation and not lasting long enough in bed ? If your ..


Nanma China Brush Delay Lotion

China Brush Delay Lotion 2.6ml.China Brush or Kwang Tze Solution or China brush oil or Chinese brush..


Numb Nutz 0.5oz Prolong Cream

Numb Nutz Prolong Cream is a man's climax delay cream for prolonging ejaculation making him last the..