Adonis EZ Grip Penis Pump

Adonis EZ Grip Penis Pump (SE-1007-20-3) by

California Exotic

Adonis EZ Grip Penis Pump

A High Performance Vacuum pump that can be used for improving the Erection or Increasing penis size.

The Superb Adonis was voted Penis Pump of the Year by the American Pumpers Association.

For men that are looking to gain an increase in penis size gaining a longer length and wider girth the Adonis EX Pump is an excellent choice, likewise for Improving the erection or for men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

 With a large 8.5 inch smoked transparent chamber and two interchangeable penis sleeves that form a perfect seal around the shaft of the penis and are very comfortable to use.

Instructions for Use:

Apply a small amount of water based lube to both the pump opening and penis, although this is not essential it will assist in gaining an air tight seal and will be more comfortable for users. Slide your penis through the attached sleeve into the chamber of the pump. Start pulling on the EZ grip trigger and as the vacuum is increased the penis will become erect and muscle growth is encouraged. Hold the vacuum for a few minutes up to a maximum of 10 then release the pressure by using the safety release valve. After a short rest the process can be repeated if required, but never over pump and no pain should be felt when using any penis pump and the sucking sensation from the pump. If any pain is felt it means you have over pumped and the vacuum is too high, stop immediately and release the pressure.

Key Features:

·         Voted Pump of the year by the American Pumpers Association

·         Universal Measurement scale to monitor your progress

·         Removable Soft textured extender sleeve

·         Tapered Silicone Donut

·         EZ Grip pump handle makes pumping easy

·         Push Button safety release valve

Product Information
BRANDCalifornia Exotic
DIAMETER2.2 Inches

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